Off-Grid Power Solutions


GEL & AGM 12V deep cycle batteries For most applications on vehicles and boats, Gel or AGM batteries offer best performance and life in the more demanding circumstances. Features include low self-discharge, high cyclic capacity, maintenance free and spill and leak proof.

AGM Batteries provide great performance for high current discharge applications. AGM Batteries are particularly suitable for use on high power inverters, bow thrusters, golf buggies etc. as their low internal resistance means less heat is generated within AGM Batteries, which would normally reduce the life of the battery.

Gel batteries deliver the best deep cycle durability and overall longer life. Gel batteries are particularly suitable for standby systems.

Flooded 2V – 4V – 6V – 12V Heavy duty traction batteries Rolls high capacity flooded batteries provide high performance with economy. Rolls Batteries have been manufacturing batteries for more than 60 years and have built a reputation of reliability and long life. Rolls batteries have some of the longest warranties in the business at 10 years on some ranges! Rolls 4000 series and 5000 series batteries are suitable for off grid systems and marine applications where long life is required.

Gel 2V traction blocksAs the ultimate in lead-acid battery technology. These high capacity, long life 2V Gel battery cells, provide maintenance free service in high capacity heavy duty applications.

Lithium-Ion The latest developments in high capacity lithium-ion battery technology provide a viable alternative to traditional lead acid technology. WIth the ability to be totally discharged without damage over up to 1500+ cycles, stable voltage across full discharge and rapid recharge, significant power density and weight advantages are achieved. Whilst the initial expense of lithium ion batteries is significant, lifetime costs compare favorably with lead acid with significant advantages in space and weight saving.

Battery Chargers

12V, 24V and 48V automatic battery chargers Charging batteries properly is more involved than you might first think. There are lots of factors to consider. Selecting he correct voltage of battery charger is essential. The output of the battery charger is equally important for ensuring long life of your battery. Choosing the wrong battery charger can have significant consequences! Onboard Energy offer a wide range automatic battery chargers, for the marine, mobile and mobility markets. Onboard Energy stock a full range of 12V battery chargers, 24V battery chargers and 48V battery chargers suitable for charging flooded, AGM and Gel batteries. Charging outputs range from 5 Amp to 200 Amps! We’d be happy to discuss and advise you on what is best for your needs.

Off-grid Generators

Self contained off-grid generators Together with SDMO and Pramac, two of Europe’s leading generator manufacturers, Onboard Energy offer a comprehensive range of generators for prime power and standby duty. A range of water and oil cooled variants as well as alternative fuel types (Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Petrol & LPG) means that we can offer an ideal product for your circumstances. Not all our products are listed on our website so we’d be happy to discuss you particular needs.

Marine generators Specially designed for installation on boats, Onboard Energy’s range of diesel marine generators for permanent on-board installation are available in both AC and DC voltages, with outputs from 1.7KW to 32KW. We offer marine generators from Mase, Fischer Panda & Northern Lights. Onboard Energy offer a full installation service at their inland waterways marina in Warwickshire.

Vehicle generators Designed for permanent installation on vehicles , Onboard Energy offer a range of diesel powered generators from Dometic.


230V on a budget Where cost is a primary factor, our range of budget inverters might be for you. Our ProPower Q model range offer quasi-sinewave output that won’t be suitable for some sensitive devices but will be fine for most domestic appliances. Also, these products are intended for occasional leisure duty as opposed to heavy commercial or domestic use.

Premium Inverters For performance and dependability, our range of sinewave inverters from Victron Energy offer the best there is. Combining rugged performance with compact dimensions the Phoenix range of professional grade inverters range from 180W to 10kW

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Standard Inverter/chargers If your needs are straightforward, with the basic functions of inverter, battery charger and AC switch-over our ProCombi range offer a basic, robust solution without any frills.

Full feature Inverter/Chargers Quite probably the most capable and adaptable range of Phoenix MultiPlus and Quattro power conversion products available today, Victron Energy’s range of inverter chargers add a totally different dimension to any power system. The list of features is endless; far more than just an inverter cum battery charger.