About Us

Onboard Energy has been established for over a decade as a specialist supplier of electrical equipment to marine, automotive and off-grid markets. Continuing, rapid expansion in the use of electrical power, fueled by developments in technology and communications, as well as growing expectations for comfort and luxury, have provided a basis for healthy growth, regardless of economic conditions.

The business is based on a philosophy of aiming to deliver performance with value – we understand that we have to be competitive. This is achieved through a combination of technical expertise and a comprehensive product range that offers something for all regardless of budget or needs.

Based in the Midlands, our customers are from all parts of the UK and as far afield as the Mediterranean, Africa and Haiti. With experienced mobile technicians, we offer responsive service and back up capability and support for installation and commissioning where and when needed.

We want you to feel that we are approachable without you being obliged in any way. We are happy to help you with exploring the possibilities and options for meeting your wishes – at the end of the day, if you have a good solution then we have a happy customer and that is best for us all! So, please do feel free to contact us by whichever method you prefer and we will do our best to be of assistance.